What do I do now? My computer access is not available. What will Facebook do without me? How can I play those games that take up so much of my time? How did I ever manage before computers became available? These are some of the thoughts running through my head as Rogers attempts to correct the problem.

What an age we live in! We’ve forgotten how to entertain ourselves without computers in our lives. Do the laundry? Did it yesterday while I happily played Majong and BeJewelled. Maybe I could cook a meal. No, the hubby has already taken care of that. Hm, maybe I could watch some television. Not a chance ….. nothing on t.v these days. I know what I’ll do …. I’ll go over to my mother’s. No, I was already over there today and now that it’s evening, she will be sitting in front of her television with her ear phones on and will not hear me ringing the door bell. I have an appointment tomorrow for x-rays in the morning …. I could go to bed early so that I will be sure to get up in time to get to the hospital by 9:00 a.m. That’s not going to work either. If I go to bed this early, I will be awake by 4:00 a.m. and then be too tired to stay awake for my appointment. Oh, woe is me! What on earth can I do without my darling computer! I had no idea how much I love that little gadget! Oh my sweetheart, please please connect now!

Still down! Here I go again trying to stay sane without my good buddy. Um, I could get a book and read for a while……will it be a mystery, a romance,  historical, biographical… I cannot decide. It would be nice if I could research this adventure book on my computer.

I have decided! I will do absolutely nothing. I will sit here and stare at my computer screen and maybe, just maybe, it will connect! Please, please, please …………….. Oh, it just flickered! It’s trying, it’s trying! But now, it’s gone again. I knew it would feel the love and make an effort. I just knew it! I will stay right here so the little darling will know how much I care.