New Pajamas

I am so excited that I have to write this blog. I have been surfing the internet trying to find a pair of lounging pajamas that I really like. I have a pair of pink of fleece p.j.s that I love. During my very brief period as an artist, I got paint on them. Although I tried everything to get the paint out of the material, I had no success.  These pajamas are very special to me as my sister brought them back to me from Florida. I still wear them but only when I am alone.

Today, I went to my mother’s and she had a lovely pair of fleece lavender pajamas in my size. She couldn’t remember where she got them and asked me if they were mine. I told her no but I would love to see them. When I looked at them, I was ecstatic. They are exactly the same pjs that I have have, same manufacturer, same size but different colour. I excitedly told Mom that I would love to have them and she gave them to me. Isn’t that sweet of her? How strange that she would have the very pajamas that I’ve been looking for!

How little it takes to keep me happy! These  pajamas have made my day!

Can Openers

What is going on with can openers? I had one can opener for about 20 years and it worked perfectly for all those years. It was an electric can opener but it kept on going. When I moved, I left that trusty old can opener behind. I thought I could easily replace it with another one. Well, that was a joke! I purchased a bright, shiny, brand new electric can opener and it appeared to be working fine. That is until I needed to open a can! Like an old pro, I held the can under the cutter and pressed the button. The opener made the usual sounds but the can did not move! What the heck! I pulled out the instructions and tried again. The can caught for about two seconds and again came to a complete stop. Still confident, I decided to give it one more try. A magnet attached itself to the can and I thought here it goes. No such luck! The can opener came to a dead stop. Well, I thought, it’s time to get the man of the house to try. With much more confidence that I had, he walked purposely into the room, grabbed the still unopened can, and lowered the magnet and cutter to the can. Not a gig! Nothing! He gave it a disgusted looked, walked over to the knife drawer, grabbed a sharp knife, and cut the heck out of the top of the can.

The next day, I decided to buy an old fashioned manual can opener like the one my mother had during my childhood. It was made of stainless steel and I felt confident it would cut just fine. It was as bad as the electric one and again, I could not open the can. Back to the store for a different manual can opener, this time with a statement on it “guaranteed for five years“. Well,  I thought, five years is better than not at all. I proudly brought it home and presented it to my husband. He tried the blasted thing and it didn`t work either!.  Now, I was angry! I called the manufacturer and was told that I could return it to them and they would replace it. I explained that I couldn`t find the bill of purchase and they were so nice – said that wasn`t a problem – all I had to do was mail it back to them and pay for the shipping. Happily, I went to the post office with my little parcel and was told the postal charge was about $9.00. What! That`s more than the thing cost!

I`ve known for some time that the quality of things today are inferior to that of yesteryears but I didn`t know just how bad it was. If I can`t buy a simple, little can opener, what hope do I have for major purchases! I have learned, however, that the one person I can trust if I need a reliable tool is my mother. She had two of the OLD manual can openers and gave me one of hers.  How great it is to have older people in our lives!