Firmly Entrenched in Microsoft Trap

Firmly Entrenched in Microsoft Trap

Microsoft is automatically checking computers for valid windows. It is done by means of a Windows update for Windows 7 (update KB971033). If you check your windows updates on your computer, you can see if you installed this update. If you’ve chosen automatic updates, this file will be on your computer. Then if your windows software is suspect, an automatic notification is sent to Microsoft, your screen turns black and a message appears on your computer screen – bottom right. If you are conscientious or curious you may be inclined to click on the icon you see in your toolbar. That’s the bait to get you to buy another edition of Windows. Don’t do it! Don’t let your curiosity get the better of you! If you proceed, you cannot cancel the order! You will be stuck with a very expensive edition of Windows.

 What you Can Do:

If you are positive that your present windows edition is genuine, you have your original software, and you know or can find your product key sticker (on your computer); then backup your computer, do a clean boot (if you are not familiar with this, you can find instructions online), reinstall your windows, and activate by entering your product key (be sure you type it exactly). The message will disappear and all will be well. If you don’t have Windows software, buy from a local store.

 What I Did and the Consequences:

I proceeded with “getting genuine online”, through, thinking I was safely ordering from Microsoft Store. Not the case! I contacted customer service within 24 hours requesting cancellation of the order. The customer service agent took down all information, told me there is no record of the order at Microsoft Store, and gave me a reference number. Since then, Microsoft has emailed me the product code and the invoice, I’ve received the kit, and my credit card has been charged. Everything indicates it was a Microsoft purchase, even the address it was shipped from. I’ve called every customer service number on the Microsoft and Windows website, spoken to agents from all over, including a supervisor, and nobody can find the order in the system. I have to compliment the customer service agents here. Although I called dozens of times, I was never put on hold for a long period of time and they all tried their best to help. I praise their cordial, friendly service and I understand that they are confined to working within the constraints of the authority they are given. I am upset at Microsoft not at them. I cannot return the package as I cannot get a RMA number (return authorization) and my request to cancel means nothing.

 I could ask my credit card company to dispute the charge but I’ve decided not to proceed. I received the product I ordered and I will bite the bullet, pay the bill, and accept responsibility for my own actions. This blog is my expression of how I feel about this particular issue and hopefully to warn anyone else who could get caught in this Microsoft trap. Now, I’m tired of this whole thing and I am putting it to rest so I can get on with things that are much more important.  

3 thoughts on “Firmly Entrenched in Microsoft Trap

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  2. Or if your screen changes from blue to black and a message appears. Apparently this has been happening for a number of years and is suppose to be Microsoft’s attempt to curb piracy,

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