Google – Flattered and Annoyed at the Same Time

This is my blog about search engines penalties.  Has your website ever been penalized? Mine has and I have some feelings that I want to express in this blog.

There is a manual action against my website,  Canada Shopping Links, by Google and it appears that it may be delisted from their search engine results. I am flattered that the gigantic Google picked up very small, innoculous website for this action. I feel important!

At the same time, I am annoyed that Google is monitoring the internet and setting the rules for webmasters everywhere. There are numerous articles in Google webmaster tools that tell webmasters what is expected from their websites. I tried reading their guidelines and resubmitted my website for reconsideration but most of the articles go beyond my understanding. I am waiting to hear back from them.

My website, Canada Shopping Links, is a very small website that I developed while I was still working. It is a tool for Canadian shoppers who want to shop online with Canadian retailers. As I am retired now, it is my hobby and I enjoy working on it in my spare time. I am no web expert, simply a person who decided to learn HTML and then put it to use in some way. I made a guide (directory) for Canadians so they could more easily locate retailers located in Canada. As search engine results show websites from everywhere, there is some difficulty in getting Canadian results only.

Google tells me that I have unnatural outbound links on all my web pages. It is true that my web pages consist of links to other websites but it is what the site is  all about! In my opinion, they are not unnatural in that the links are all legitimate and in no way are they connected with link farming or payment for links back to my website. I know what reciprocal linking is. As I was learning in the early days, I ended up  unwittingly participating in reciprocal linking. When Google alerted me to the fact that this wasn’t a good practice, I cleaned up the website and Google lifted it’s action against Canada Shopping Links. It was a time when the internet was much smaller and we all had a lot to learn.

I’ve tried to be a good, little webmaster but I cannot rely on search results to help me get the word out to Canadians.  We have many great retailers located in Canada and we can shop within our own borders if that is our preferenceI have decided to simply do what I can to promote my website and let the chips fall where they may. With this blog, I am asking anyone who reads this to please help me keep my website alive by telling your  friends about us and/or posting a link to

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