Documentarie and Reports on Television today.

What happened to the days when television documentaries were based on fact and not conjecture? I’ve watched several of these once respectable broadcasts in the last little while and I’ve been amazed at the way the stories are presented.

One documentary on CBC was a report on anxiety which discussed the basis for using medication in some of these situations. It was full of supposition and opinions and there was very little that was factual about it. I noticed one thing they spoke about was that medication was used for the normal condition of shyness. Well, they must have never experienced shyness themselves! I used to be very shy in my teens and it was painful. You are not enjoying life or experiencing good mental health when you are afraid to speak. There may not be any basis for the shyness but if  you can’t overcome it, I see no reason why medication should not be used. Fortunately, for me, I was able to to come out of my self when I started working but I know many others who are still painfully shy adults.

As usual, I find a lot of decumentaries these days are based on sensationalism instead of pure, hard facts. Pick out the worse about something, exagerate it, and show only the one side of the story! Make no wonder, mental illness has such stigma attached to it! Psychiatrists are apparently so plentiful that you can almost pick up the phone and get seen right away. And I am sure that the drug companies are trying to take the business away from them. Of couse, I am being facetious but that seems to be the way these programs are pointed.

If a doctor can assist a mildy affected patient, instead of a psychiatrist, then I see no harm in doing so. Often such treatments are temporary, as it was when I had postpartum depression after the birth of my son. and treatment is discontinued when the condition is under control.

If low dosage meds can control symptoms, a family doctor can assess it without referall to a psychiatrist. Psychiatric care is expensive and time consuming, and still the patient requires medication. Let’s let our specialists take care of the intensely ill patient and our family doctors can take care of the milder ones, be it physical or mental.

This is just one example of today’s journalism but there are many more. You only have to turn on your tv or radio to hear the reports. Let’s not make the mistake of voicing the opinions given on these programs as fact.  We can never know who suggested the story or if there was a hidden agenda behind the scene. We have to stay alert, watch to see if both sides of a story is told, the good and the bad, and determine for ourselves just what the facts are! Lets not be puppets who allow opinions to become our facts!

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